Intense Pain and Gain

  • Chapter 1

“Mom we will be late if u take this long to put make up” the young boy shouted. His name is Rohan age 14 in 8th grade now. Rohan is in hurry. “Hey don’t be impatient! Woman needs time to get ready” says the boys father Johan Mahmud who is still reading newspaper.

 “But we will be late to the party”

Ok ok i am ready , this boy is always impatient – says the mother of the boy.”

” No i am not ” 

“Yeah i know its your little girlfriends 11th birthday-mother says with sigh.

“How many times i have to say that she is just my childhood friend. Thats all, now lets get going.”

Don’t forget to take the gift- Johan said while folding the paper.

“You guys wait at the gate i will bring the car.”

The time is just half past 4.00 in the evening. There is little bit of snow on on the road.

Despite being cold but street is still busy as usual. The home of nao is outside the city in bayhill village. About an hour distance. Her name is Naomi hodge. Her last name is unusual so her parents. They are very friendly. Mr Hodge is a doctor while Mrs Hodge running a small restaurant which is the downstairs of the house. I used to play there a lot when we were living in the village of bayhill but because of my fathers job we have to move to town. Each day 1hour driving is not simple.

My father and Mother both are employees of OIC international. I really don’t know what OIC stands for and i don’t care a bit about that as well. 
While i was thinking we already left the city. I looked out side the wimdow but couldn’t find the moon. Is it new moon night or because of cloudy wheather. Suddenly whole car shaked violently. I wanted to look infront to see what happened but i couldn’t see anything bcoz i lost consciousness.


I opened my eyes and all i could see is the ceiling. I tried moving my head but i couldn’t.

A soothing voice told me not to move.

I followed the voice and saw a woman dressed in white and blue and wearing a cloth in her head but couldn’t remember whats its called.

A man in white clothes entered the room and asked me how are you doing?

Do you know where you are?

I answered in whisper ” I don’t know”

Do you know today’s date?

I stared at him blankly. He asked again “do you know your name”

Not a single word come out of my mouth.

The doctor leave the room. I started to feel dizy and fell asleep.


“Doctor Smith how is he” nurse asked.

“At this point its hard to tell. He has severe brain injury. Loosing memory is very common thing at this state. Lets observe for now.”

Mr Smith walked through a long corridor and entered a lift and press 42. 42nd floor is the highest level of Marigold Hospital. When he entered the room many other doctors are already waiting for him. 

” The situation is much worse than what we initilly thought. Although we are able to move most of the frontal skull fragment but the injury of the brain and his lest eye is too severe. Its hard to tell wheather he will die today or tomorrow.”

“Is there nothing we could do” a unknown doctor said.

“At this rate there is nothing could save his life. Its too late.” Dr smith said in a cold voice.

Whole room fell silent.

Then knick is heard outside door. Without waiting for anybody to open the door opened widely and a man in his 50s entered with a shady looking man is dark suit and glasses.

The man looked around the room and said in a amuzing voice

“My name professor unknown”

Ha ha ha and started lough loudly.

Dr smith wat outraged by his behavior but immediately stoped by the man in black.

I wanted this boy as an experimental subject.

Another man shouted “Who hell do you think you are.?”

“Its Ok you can take him” the old man who is seated upuntill now said in a solemn voice.

But, president…

“He is going to die anyway its doing something bettar than nothing” presudent said.

“Excellent!I will start the transfer immediately. thanks for your co-operation” professor said while smiling amusingly.

And left the room immediately.

Who was he? Asked a doctor.

“He not someone we should know. He is simeone we should be afraid”

Answered the President.


A large room but cramped with all kinds of scientific instrument cramped inside. Its the room where rohan is currently lying. All kinds of tube and a helmet is cunecting with Rohan.

“How is he, professor” a yonng woman asked in curious tone.

“He should be fine” said professor while watching at the screen. The screen was shown many data, some of them include Rihans bp, temparature, and a graph showing the brain activity.

By the way Ms Bella you should wear mini skirt sometimes.

“What you are talking you pervert old man” Ms bella said in a serious tone.

“Humans brain is always a mystry. Its a puzzle which can’t be solved by current technology. But we can manipulate a brain. Thats what we are trying to achive. The rest is upto him wheather he wanted to live or die. Let’s hope for best and we should also prepare for worst.” professor said.

He is waking up.

Lets stop our discussion for now”

Ms bella asked ” Do khow your name.”

Rohan ” of course i know.” He said in a low voice.

He tried to move but he couldn’t. His left eye is patched with bandage.

Where am i?

Where is my mom and dad.”

“Lets talk about that later”Ms Bella

My name is Dr Bella

The old man beside me is Professor Eugine. You are in a hospital.”

“I want to see my parent’s.”Rohan

Suddenly a high pitched pain felt by Rohan and immediately he loose consciousness again.

“That’s unfortunate” Processor.
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